An award-winning bar and beverage operation created for the Entourage Group by OneSour.


OneSour developed the service concepts and the beverage operation at what is universally regarded as one the best bar and restaurants in the city, putting Amsterdam on the international map for the quality of offering and service.

Best New Bar 2015

Best Cocktail Bar 2015

Bringing the decadence and Parisian grandeur of the Belle Epoque  back to life. 


"Working with OneSour was great! They bring so much insight & creative energy to the project...and then they make it happen."

YOSSI ELIYAHOO, The Entourage Group


 At The Duchess, our role was to build a brand concept and an efficient beverage operation of such quality as to attract global attention. Residing in such sophisticated and refined surroundings, the whole design process was to be based on the principles of: elegance, simplicity and grandeur.


The venue is the centrepiece of the W-Hotel in Amsterdam. It's set in a 19th century bank with achingly high stained-glass celieings and a grade 1 listed interior. Over-looked by the hotel's best suites, it is the epitome of grandure and class. 



Grand Designs


"THE DUCHESS beverage menu is due for world renown as one of the most complete and skilfully presented anywhere in the world."


All of the Entourage Group bars and restaurants have a real lively energy. The Duchess, although grander, had to have this too.

Absinthe in Amsterdam


Punch to the Pousse-Café


For an all-day service of breakfast, lunch, high tea, dinner and cocktails, the challenge was to produce a rich an oppulent menu which would guide the drinker through the process of chosing drinks specific to the time of day or the food they were eating.


A consise but comprehensive selection of 'classic-based', original drinks (inspired by the lifestyle of the Belle Epoque) of all varieties. We were able to draw from the traditions of punch, absinthe and pastis, the colonial habbits of high tea and tonics; to using the mezze-styled food from executive chef Hari's menu to pair with an extensive range of apéritif as well as creating the digestif page in conjunction with Peter, the El Buli trained pastry chef.